‘The session was lovely. The tone of voice used and the encouragement received while doing the hypnotherapy was wonderful. I found the process pleasant and relaxing.’


‘Nicole makes you feel very relaxed and safe and takes time to discuss different approaches that might work.’

Chris M

‘I have never felt so calm and relaxed. These sessions are helping me a lot and teaching me how to focus on positive things rather than negative all the time. I am very pleased with the outcome.’


‘I found Nicole to be very professional – but at the same time very friendly and she put me at ease. I feel the session went very well and helped me with my issues. I would definitely recommend her.’


‘I found Nicole to be very professional at all times. She made me feel calm and relaxed and put my worries to rest before starting the treatment. I must say that I was skeptical about whether or not the treatment would have any effect, but it truly has! I was amazed at the results and will definitely be using Nicole again.’

Chris B

Nicole’s voice was incredibly calm and soothing and I went into an incredibly deep state of relaxation. I was able to have great clarity on a past issue and felt very empowered upon awakening. Lovely session.